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We are located in South Texas by the RGV Rio Grande Valley and our plane delivery will service most of major airports.

We specialize on Designer breeds

  • Maltese/Poodle mix dog, hybrid, cross, crossed or designer puppy.
    They are also known or spelled as Maltepoos, Malte-poos, Maltipoos, Malti-poos, Maltapoos, Malta-poos, Malt-a-poo, Multipoos, Multi-poos or Moodles.
  • Bichon frise/poodle mix.
    known as Poochons, Bichpoos, Bichonpoos, Poodles Frise, or Bichonpoodle.
  • Shih tzu/Poodle mix.
    known as Shihpoos, Shih-poos, Shihtzudle or Shih tzudle.
  • Cocker spaniel/Poodle mix.
    Also known as Cockapoo, Cockerpoodle, Cockerpoo or Poodle Spaniel.

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Delivery may be available close to the following destinations


Not all cities are available destinations. Please call Continental airlines (800.575.3335) to request available destinations.

The most common destinations are:

State/Possession		Abbreviation and Airport

ALABAMA                         AL - New Orleans
ALASKA                          AK - Anchorage
ARIZONA                         AZ - Phoenix
CALIFORNIA                      CA - Most airports are covered
COLORADO                        CO - Denver
FLORIDA                         FL - Most airports
GEORGIA                         GA - Atlanta
ILLINOIS                        IL - CHicago
INDIANA                         IN - Indianapolis
KANSAS                          KS - Kansas Citi
LOUISIANA                       LA - New Orleans
MAINE                           ME - N/A, instead they ship to Boston MA
MARYLAND                        MD - N/A, instead they ship to DCA or Baltimore
MASSACHUSETTS                   MA - BOS Boston
MICHIGAN                        MI - Detroit
MINNESOTA                       MN - Minneapolis
MISSOURI                        MO - N/A, instead they ship to New Orleans
NEVADA                          NV - Las vegas
NEW HAMPSHIRE                   NH - N/A, Refer to Boston MA
NEW JERSEY                      NJ - Newark or PHL
NEW YORK                        NY - LGA LaGuardia
NORTH CAROLINA                  NC - Raleigh
OHIO                            OH - Columbus
OKLAHOMA                        OK - Oklahoma City
OREGON                          OR - Portland
PENNSYLVANIA                    PA - Philadelphia
PUERTO RICO                     PR - San Juan
RHODE ISLAND                    RI - N/A, instead they ship to Boston
TEXAS                           TX - Many airports are serviced
UTAH                            UT - Salt lake citi
VIRGINIA                        VA - N/A, instead they ship to DCA
WASHINGTON                      WA - Seattle


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